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Connecting Web 2.0, Enterprise Mashups, SOA, & the Semantic Web for Government 2.0 (Making It Easier to Do!).

A Government Computer News (January 7, 2008) Blog refers to us as "Speaking the same language". Also see see Role Reversal: Before and After Web 2.0

Using Our Space

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Announcement at 2008 SemTech May 18-22, 2008

The Federal Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (aka SICoP), formally chartered under the Best Practices Committee of the Federal Chief Information Officer's Council (aka CIOC) in 2003 has completed it's work with the SICoP Special Conference 4, February 5, 2008. Its co-chairs, Mills Davis, Project 10x, and Brand Niemann, US EPA, have been recognized for their contributions to fostering semantic interoperability in the Federal Government through a series of white papers, pilots, and conferences during the past 5 years. With the maturation of the Semantic Web and Semantic Technologies, comes the need to apply the work of SICoP to the real-world needs of both government and non-government organizations in a new way so Brand and Mills have created Semanticommunity.Net and Semantic Exchange.Com, respectively, to build on SICoP, but not endorsed by any government or non-government organization. Brand is participating in the 2008 SemTech as a private citizen, not representing the US EPA, but his current work at the US EPA includes the development of Ontologies for EPA's Segment Data Architecture in communities of practice (see new NSF Accounting Ontology CoP) and semantification of emails, documents, and spreadsheets (see full announcement). Mills is presenting his work at multiple sessions at this conference in his new role. Mill's Tutorial on Web 3.0/Semantic Wave Market Outlook said it best in slide 31: What is Value, with the giraffe poking his head above the clouds and thinking: Its' All Good.., and Brand says "it is a blessing to be moved forward, otherwise we fall behind". May 20, 2008, Semantic Technology Conference, San Jose, CA.

Current Web 2.0 Wikis and Tutorials


Semantic Community Wiki Contents and Sitemap EPA Pilot Wikis Public Service Wikis
Adaptable Computing Infrastructure (see NCOIC) EPA Web 2.0 Team First U.S. - European Conference of Metropolitan Regional Councils Pilot Wiki
Best Practices EPA Wiki Pilot HealthITGov
CIOs Learning Web 2.0 Wikis EPA Metadata Pilot Energy Community
Department of Defense Community of Interest (CoI) EPA Data Architecture Pilot Tutorial 1105 Media GovInfo Wiki Tutorial
Federal Chief Architects Forum Knowledgebase (CAF) EPA E-Rulemaking Pilot Tutorial Water Wiki Tutorial
Federal Semantic Interoperability Community of Practice (SICoP) EPA Mission Investment Solutions Division Gov Transition 2009
Federal Service Oriented Architecture Community of Practice (SOA CoP) EPA Ontology Pilot Tutorial CENDI Wiki Tutorial
Federation of Earth Science Information Partners (ESIP) EPA Office of Pollution, Prevention, and Toxics State Wildlife Action Plans Tutorial
Mid-Atlantic Regional Planning Roundtables Gov 2.0 Wiki Tutorial Ken Orr Institute Tutorial
MITRE Geospatial Line of Business Tutorial BPM Institute Tutorial
Nanoinformatics NSF Accounting Ontology Tutorial Wilshire Conferences Tutorial
Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC) CIOs Learning Web 2.0 Wikis Tutorial    
Sensor Standards and Data Harmonization EPA Data Tutorial    
Shenandoah Valley Natural Systems        
Spatial Ontology Community of Practice (SOCoP)        
Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable (SWRR)        
Taxonomy Tuesday        
Transportation Research Board        


This Wiki: Slides Wiki User Manual: Wiki and PDF Formats

Also see Features (complete with Demo Video Gallery) for more information.

Here are some tips on getting started with this wiki:

Contribute content


A browser and an internet connection is all you need to start adding content to wik Wiki. Share ideas and plans through the simple interface. Click the "Edit Page" and "New page" buttons on each page to begin contributing content.

Create mashups

wik Wiki supports boatloads of extensions - these are little features which allow you to embed content from other websites. For example, you can embed Google Maps, Windows Live Maps, AND Yahoo! Maps, all on the same page. You can also dynamically manipulate images using our ImageMagick extension.

There's so much you can do, so learn all about available extensions in your wik Wiki by clicking the "Extensions List" tab (when the editor loads), or by viewing the Extensions page on OpenGarden.

Share media

Attach photos, files, and all sorts of media to any page to share with your community. Files and images are revisioned, just like pages, so you'll always be able to retrieve older files.

Track changes

Did somebody make a change to a page that was bad? Use the revert feature to change the contents of a page back to an older version. You'll never lose any work in wik Wiki.

Let us help you

Create an OpenGarden account

OpenGarden is for anybody who wants to participate in the growth of wik Wiki - creating a free account gives you access to our community forums, our bug tracker, and to our wiki. Feel free to drop in, ask questions, or contribute.
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