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Mission Statement: The Federal SOA CoP is an open community of practice fostered to assist government and commercial organizations in achieving the promise of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) through collaboration, demonstration and community efforts. The Federal SOA CoP is open to all.  Participation is encouraged by users, who want to better understand how SOA may benefit their organization, by academia who may want to discuss research directions, and by standards organizations and vendors who would like to better understand user needs and help users better understand how the SOA approach can benefit their organization.


Demonstrations: The Federal SOA CoP works to show the business value and technical feasibility of SOA that encompasses the full life-cycle of a multi-party SOA solution using multiple participants and multiple technologies collaborating via SOA standards in an architected community. The goals of demonstrations are:

  • To provide a concrete example of how the SOA approach provides business value to a community
  • To provide confidence that the approach and technologies are real – secure, reliable, performing and practical.
  • To validate that independently developed applications can interoperate using SOA standards.




 Demo Phase

 September 29-30, 2008  Sixth   6 (see Conference Development)
 April 30-May 1, 2008  Fifth (Blog)  5 
 October 1-2, 2007  Fourth   4 
 May 1-2, 2007  Third   3 
 October 30-31, 2006  Second   2 
 May 23-24, 2006  First   1 
January 26, 2006  Announcement and Launch  NA




SOA CoP Mailing List: Please contact Gabe Galvan ( at MITRE





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