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Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable

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Web Site and SWRR Brochure. Proceedings.

Date: November 15-16, 2007.

Location: National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, NOAA Science Center, SSMC4, 1305 East-West Highway, Silver Spring Maryland.

Invitation Letter, Participants, Notes (November 15 and November 16), and Resources.

Note: This Wiki version supports the Puget Sound Mashup of the EPA National Environmental Information Symposium: Use a Wiki to build a knowledgebase for a community of practice on environmental indicators (Sustainable Water Resources Roundtable and the Whitehouse Council on Environmental Quality).

  • Day 1 (Thursday November 15)
    • 8:30 Registration and Coffee
    • 9:00 Opening:
      • Welcome remarks: Kristen C. Koch, Deputy Ecosystem Goal Team Lead.
      • Welcome from Co-chair: Rick Swanson, USFS, SWRR Co-Chair.
      • Summary of meeting agenda and goals: David Berry, SWRR. See SWRR Indicator Framework.
    • 9:15 SWRR SWRR Background - What SWRR is and does related to indicators, research, outreach as under the Federal Advisory Committee ACT:
      • Questions and comments. Rhonda Kranz. Slides.
    • 9:25 Update on CINE - White House Indicator Efforts and connection to water indicators:
      • Ted Heintz. White House Council on Environmental Quality. Slides and Previous.
    • 9:55 - 12:00 Panel on Integrated Ecosystem Assessments and Integrated Indicators:
      • Moderator- Kristen Koch, NOAA Ecosystem Deputy Goal Lead
    • 10:00 NOAA Integrated Ecosystem Assessments:
      • Steve Brown, NOAA Ecosystem Goal Lead, and NOAA Fisheries. Slides. Web Site.
    • 10:20 National Coastal Condition Report (NCCR), National Water Quality Monitoring Network, and ecosystem assessments:
      • Jaweed Hameedi NOAA, National Ocean Service, Center for Coastal Monitoring & Assessment. Slides. Web Site and Web Site.
    • 10:50 Break
    • 11:10 Heinz Center and Integrated Indicators:
    • 11:30 Ecosystem assessments and integrated indicators discussion with panel members
    • 12:00 Lunch
    • 1:00 EPA water indicators:
    • 1:20 EPA Streams Surveys:
      • Susan Holdsworth, Monitoring Branch, OWOW, EPA. Slides.
    • 1:40 USGS Water Indicators:
      • Donna Myers, National Water Quality and Assessment Program. Slides.
    • 2:00 NOAA Coastal Indicators and Links to Water:
      • Ralph Cantral, NOAA, NOS, Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management. Slides.
    • 2:20 USFS Water Indicators:
      • Rick Swanson, US FS. Slides.
    • 2:40 SWRR Indicators and Framework:
    • 3:00 Summary of Integrated Indicators and Links to Integrated Ecosystem Assessments:
      • David Berry and Others.
    • 3:20 Break
    • 3:35 Open discussion of how the various indicator efforts have contributed to each other and how they can together further contribute to sustainability of water resources:
      • Ted Heinz, Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Resource Management Indicators. Slides.
    • 4:10 How can SWRR be useful to your organization and what can your organization contribute to SWRR.
    • 4:25 Quick reports from SWRR Subgroups:
      • Questions and Comments
    • 4:45 Adjourn for the day
    • 6:00 Dinner in the area for interested participants
  • Day 2 (Friday November 16)
    • 8:40 Coffee
    • 9:00 Welcome
    • 9:10 Opening Talk:
      • Corporation responsibility and opportunities in sustainability and water resources. Information needs to support good corporate decisions. Jim Loving, IBM Corporation. Slides.
    • 9:40 Breakouts on current state of SWRR indicators to invite participants input. David Berry
    • 10:30 Break
    • 10:45 Finish work in breakouts
    • 11:25 Breakout groups report back. 10 minutes per group
    • 11:55 Discussion: What did today’s work tell us SWRR’s next set of indicators should be?
    • 12:15 Summary discussion: Next steps
    • 12:30 Adjourn
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